Spectacled Owl

Aztec - Spectacled-Owl - Pulsatix perspicillata

Aztec – Spectacled-Owl – Pulsatix perspicillata

Scientific name: Pulsatix perspicillata
Height: 460mm
Geographical distribution: From southern Mexico through central America, Venezuela, the Guianas, Colombia, Ecuador, eastern Peru, Amazonian Brazil south to Bolivia and northern Argentina. Also formerly on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, where it is now probably extinct.

Habitat: mature forest
Diet: preys on mammals and large insects and will also take birds, including smaller owls
Status: generally uncommon but may be rather common locally, for example in Costa Rica, Colombia and the Amazon. The species may be endangered in areas suffering from deforestation.

Here is the name of the Spectacled owl we have at the sanctuary: