Miniature Shetland Ponies


For being such a small horse the Shetland Pony is unusually strong, this is because the breed made its development in the rather harsh conditions of the Shetland Islands, from which they received their name. The natives of the islands trained the ponies to be domestic and used them for farm work and other chores, such as hauling seaweed up trails to be used as fertilizer. During the 1800’s, the Shetland Pony was commonly used for coalmine work in Britain and didn’t come into common work  until the mid 1900’s.

Daisy is a female miniature Shetland pony and was born on 09/05/96 She is 34” high and is white in colour and is quite shy in nature but we are winning her around with polo mints and apples


Malteser is a young male pony who was born on 07/07/09 and is brown in colour with a multi-coloured mane.