Plan your visit & Information

We are located near Indian Queens, in mid Cornwall, just off the A30

Please be aware if you are using a SATNAV that even the newest Satnavs have not been updated since the A30 dual carriageway, and will take you to a dead end road, so follow the brown and white signs at the Newquay junction off the A30 not the Victoria junction.

We are easy to reach from towns and seaside resorts including Bodmin, Wadebridge, Padstow, Newquay and St Austell.

Where we are

What we do

We hope that, on these pages, you will get a feel for the activities you can enjoy on a visit to the sanctuary, including:

  • Close encounters with the hand-tame owls under staff supervision
  • Falconry displays daily with owls and birds of prey weather permitting
  • Animals encounters where you get the chance to feed and stroke some of the animals
  • Come and browse in owl heaven!
    Our gift shop is dedicated to bringing you a wide variety of owl gifts from beautiful ornaments to hand-crafted jewellery, souvenirs including pens, magnets, key rings, jewellery and much more.

  • The chance to adopt an owl for a year
  • Tiggy’s tearoom open for drinks and a variety of hot and cold snacks
  • Moorland wildlife on our lakeside walk
  • The Rainbow play area for all age groups
  • Our indoor education centre available for groups and all-weather visits
  • One to one handling sessions with the hand-tame the owls
  • Owl husbandry and falconry courses or experience days (these require advance booking)
  • Party packages for all age groups (owl birthday cake optional)
  • Learn about the rescue of sick and injured owls (not on public display)