Emus are native to Australia and may live up to 30 years. They are between 4 and 6’6 tall and weigh between 80 and 120lbs, are very inquisitive but not aggressive by nature. They mature at about 2 years and the female can lay 30 – 40 dark green eggs in the winter period. The unusual fact with emus is that it is the male that incubates the eggs for about 56 days. The chicks when they hatch are striped with speckled heads as you can see from the photo of the youngsters hatched here this year.

IMG_0378You may remember that we informed you that our Emus had their first breeding last Spring 2013, and produced two youngsters named ‘Taen’ & ‘Pippin’. Some of you will have met this cheeky pair during your visit last year. At the end of the season we made the decision for these two youngsters to go to a new home, as we were slightly concerned that we will have more young Emus this Spring and we would be over run with these lovely creatures. ‘Skippy’ the male is sitting on ?? eggs as I write this newsletter, and Humbug is keeping a close guard on his progress. As Emu eggs take roughly 60 days to incubate, so we should know in March.