Our sincere thanks to all of you who voted for us in the BBC Animal awards after watching the Country file programme.
It was a great honour to be nominated and also short listed into the final three for this award, but we were extremely surprised when we were actually announced as the winners on the night.
The award ceremony took place on the evening of Sunday 2nd December 2002 at the BBC studios in London, but we were sworn to secrecy until the programme was shown on 27th December 2002.
There were many celebrities present including our special friend Jeremy Spake who sat beside us at our table during the awards ceremony, and also sitting at our table was Toyah Willcox. The presenters of our award were John Craven and Michaela Strachan, and after we had won our category we were whisked away to another room to have our photos taken with them.
It would be difficult to describe the events of that evening, but all I can say is that it was quite exciting and the atmosphere was very electric.
Maybe it had something to do with our glasses being constantly refilled with champagne!

Gold Award for Cornwall Tourism Awards 2015

Silver Award at the South West Tourism Excellence Awards 2016

Gold Award for Cornwall Tourism Awards 2016

Bronze Award for “Access & Inclusivity” Cornwall Tourism Awards 2016  

Gold Award at the South West Tourism Excellence Awards 2016

We were thrilled to have won the Gold award for the best Small Attractions category at the South Tourism Awards on 2nd February at Ashton Gate Statium Bristol. What a stunning venue to celebrate and dine for the evening, it was absolutely fabulous.