Aims of the sanctuary







To provide care and rehabilitation for wild sick and injured owls and where possible to ensure their safe release back to the wild when they are fully recovered. If permanently disabled a comfortable home shall be provided in a suitable environment.

To promote an awareness of the conservation needs of all owls, and their natural habitat within the environment. We achieve this through practical education and involvement with schools, youth organisations and many adult groups and interested individuals.

Our daily education programme allows visitors and groups to see and touch the owls at close proximity under staff supervision, and provides ongoing talks & guided tours of the centre.

Captive breeding is encouraged and achieved at the centre to conserve for the future many owl species which may be depleting in population, and may be considered necessary for reintroduction into the wild.

Diversification and introduction of other birds and animal species to provide a wider visitor interest and experience.

To gain the involvement and support of the local community, and to offer a centre of interest and enjoyment for all age groups which provides an educational hands-on experience which is affordable for everyone to visit

Disabled groups and special needs visitors are also welcome and are given priority care to ensure they are not excluded from the hands-on education, in a supportive & caring environment.